Unique Approach Strengthens ROME Development

Author: David Wang   Publication Date: August 2, 2016

We had a lot of fun when developing ROME. While we set the bar higher than the previous generation, our favorite part was taking a learning approach through a very diverse environment to expand and evolve ideas.



I enjoyed the times that I was involved in very intense discussions with our team. You have to make sure that everybody is adding energy to the team, and you’re creating an environment where you can promote each other’s ideas to make small steps forward. When you’re facing a long path, creating the stepping stones is important. Very quickly one step can lead to another. That’s how you can achieve a goal.


Belief is also very important. I’m a person who rarely looks back. If I have a jacket that I’ve left on the chair during a meal, I almost 100 percent of the time forget about it.


There are times that I do look back, though, and that’s what I talk to the team about. I look back when things are hard. It gives me confidence by seeing the obstacles in the path and the efforts we have gone through to overcome those. I also think about the future, knowing that some time down the road, a lot of these challenges that we’re facing today will have been overcome.


Sharing these philosophical experiences with the team can create belief that you can achieve the goal and you have the capabilities. I’m also creating optimism for the future. Everything that seems to be so hard today will be very simple and easy in the future.