ROME® 500 - Robotic Optical Management Engine

Custom Package Options:

1. Crystal Package

2. Co-Branding


ROME Software and User Interfaces

ROME® runs on a real-time OS and provides user interfaces via IP network or console connections. The key elements in ROME® software system are operations, event and alarm logging, environmental sensing and system protection.


ROME® software provides system administration and user access, along with API for 3rd party software integration.



Wave2Wave made a successful acquisition of FiberZone Networks in December 2014 in Israel and retained key engineering talents. Wave2Wave has since offered services and support for existing AFM-360® customers, including global technology companies and leading data center and telecommunications carriers.


AFM-360® is a 23” chassis platform with 360 fiber end-points with full Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) certification that meets high quality and reliability standards enforced by Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOC)