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Product Design at Wave2Wave: EVO for Evolution – Part 2

Author: David Wang   Publication Date: June, 2016

A good product takes customers from the past and present to the future through evolution. As networks and data centers continue to accelerate growth for fast speed, Wave2Wave builds products with the latest technology with backwards compatibility so the network can continue to migrate.


Evolution is a way to maintain and maximize existing assets and investments in a data center. In the Wave2Wave EVO fiber panel platform, modules and cassettes are designed to enable IEEE compliant 40G and 100G cabling backbone to work with 10G network devices. The 40G and 100G backbone also allow a smooth migration for forward compatibility as devices are moving up in speed to QSFP+ and QSFP28 optical interface.


Evolution offers the most economic value. Through the Wave2Wave EVO platform, customers can easily use fractional capacity out of 40G and 100G parallel optics to build cost effective redundant 10G or 25G based network connectivity.


Wave2Wave EVO platform brings the most versatile optical connectivity, and it’s a simple and plug-n-play for the end users.