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Product Design at Wave2Wave: Color – Part 1

Author: David Wang   Publication Date: June, 2016

The industrial design of technology products at Wave2Wave is a path in which to seek meaning and bring intuition. Color is one of the key, fun elements. There are three fundamental rules for Wave2Wave that might be helpful for other industrial designers:


  • Consistency with the company logo
  • Natural colors give authenticity
  • Intuition translates to functionality


A company’s logo is a focused energy for a group of people to work together to achieve a common business goal under a certain philosophy. A good logo like Wave2Wave’s tells the story of a company’s beginnings and its ongoing pursuit of success. Product design will need to draw from the colors and shapes for the product’s fundamental energy.


Nature brings beauty that we as humans seem to forever appreciate. In the ROME design at Wave2Wave, we have a uni-body sand-casted frame chassis, and each unit has its individual color tone. We decided to leave this originality as part of ROME’s appearance. Precise mechanical features are enhanced with this color individuality.


Color is also a smart way to intuitively help users to understand functionality. It’s a good way to lead people to understand what a product does before they read a manual.