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What’s in a Name? For Us – Quite a Bit

Author: David Wang   Publication Date: August 19, 2016

Authenticity is our biggest thing. Making sure we weave that authenticity into every fiber of our company, from culture to customer relations, is a must. Our product development is no exception. Most recently, we introduced ROME, and we wanted to make this product and its name as authentic as possible. You see, we have had a vision for a while of developing a product that will revolutionize data center architecture with automated fiber management. This product would be a robotic switch that acts as a central station in the data center, enabling more dynamic connections. Our vision became reality with ROME, but, at the time, we were still searching for the right name.


One weekend we began thinking about data center architecture and innovation, of what this new product could help enable. We thought ROME would be great name. But it didn’t end there. As with other products, we truly wanted to represent ROME with not only a name befitting it but a logo, as well. This process of finding a name and designing a logo is an art. It’s a meaning, a feeling we’ve been seeking. So we took to the white board and spelled it out.


The results were quite interesting. Everything about the name just felt right. The letters represented all of the categories of technologies in ROME – Robotic Optical Management Engine – as well as the vision to revolutionize data center architecture and make it intelligent, smart and dynamic. The letters were set. Next we needed to figure out how to display them. While we were sold on the circles in the logo, we wanted it to be a bit more playful with robotic fonts or metallic tones, which led to our next iteration.


Then, we added a footer that properly described what ROME is.


As with many things we do, the logo design process involves logical thinking, technical design, industrial design and a tremendous amount of subtleties. This is a great signature of Wave2Wave. We drive to the level of subtleties that others do not. It’s like tuning an airplane or car engine to the extreme. That last little one percent, you don’t give up, you don’t let go because you want to spend most of your efforts getting the best possible performance. We worked hard to drive simplicity and find meanings in each part of the design, asking ourselves, how will this portion of the logo fit in? For instance, the diamond shape in the middle of the “O,” we wanted to add chopsticks, but even the chopsticks went through several iterations before we fine-tuned it.


The logo that we crafted and agreed on as a team is consistent with our branding across our product lines, but it has its own unique signature in alignment with the personality and individuality of the product. The energy we expressed through this product also comes through in the artistic design of the logo. It’s something that we are very proud of.


In addition to the name, we came up with a tagline that was equally fitting.


If you’ve ever visited Italy, the intricate network of roads, alleyways and passageways that make up its ancient cities connect back to the great city of Rome. From this came the popular phrase “All roads lead to Rome.” Like the Italian infrastructure, as all roads come together to connect to the city, so can disparate things to achieve a common goal. This resonates with us at Wave2Wave, where our goal is to connect key, yet disparate, network elements in the world’s largest data centers. Of course, we’re dealing in traffic of another sort; rather than foot, bicycle and motor vehicle traffic, we’re interested in network traffic. And it’s our robotic optical switching solutions – the ROME 500, 1000 and 2000 platforms – that all traffic leads toward. The ROME name really became an inspiration for us because when all roads lead to ROME, we know our paths will cross.


We hope you’ll watch a quick video with more information about these innovative data center solutions.