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MOR is Less, When it is in the “Middle of the Rack”

Author: David Wang   Publication Date: October 26, 2016

Top of the rack (TOR) is where a lot of the servers will get connected to normally and then connected to the network. However; there have been discussions in terms of where the top of the rack should be, and if ever there should be TOR switches.


The middle of the rack (MOR) gives much more symmetrical connectivity between all servers. You actually reduce your cable length by 30%, which means you will reduce the materials by 30%. The volume of the materials will be reduced due to length, but you will also start creating a symmetrical connection.


The organization becomes much more streamlined simply because your putting cables toward both sides. Each little improvement means much better airflow. This helps energy efficiency and that is multiplied by thousands in any given hyper skilled data center.


As we are evolving with higher speed, density and more computing power, the physical aspect is becoming more and more of a challenge. A challenge in terms of how quickly and efficiently you can build up a server rack and deploy to a production environment.