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Magenta, the Color of Migration

Author: David Wang   Publication Date: October 26, 2016

The color magenta is one of the industry’s conventions in the infrastructure space. It identifies OM4, which is the latest and greatest multi-mode cable.


Wave2Wave’s job is to provide a magentamigration approach that will enable our customers to keep their existing deployment and assets. To help the data center network to grow and evolve, a migration approach is the right approach.


Mixing aqua with magenta cables is not a good idea. The migration approach allows customers to continue to use what they have while they take the time to phase out of the last generation of cable.


Most of our customers have been deploying the last couple of generations of fiber optic cabling OM3, which came before the OM4. As the customer is deploying new technology, they can continue to utilize the existing infrastructure. Wave2Wave has been taking this migration approach with our customers.