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Author: David Wang   Publication Date: August 19, 2016

Innovation as function of business should be part of a company’s culture and it should be fun. It involves capabilities, and sometimes intense collaboration. Innovation often happens because you have a strong and diverse team who work together in an open, free and inspiring way.


For a period of time, here at Wave2Wave, we have been focusing on operations excellence which afforded us the time and patience to listen to our customers, serving their needs and providing a great level of customer service. In this way we create a window in which we can understand what the customer needs.


Innovation is not always something a company can do. At W2W we took a two step approach to becoming innovative. In the beginning we were not focused on trying to invent something rather we concentrated on creating customer interaction and gaining an understanding of the problems in our marketplace. We then made a transition from what we hear and how we solve problems to becoming innovative in both processes and technology.


Innovation should have a purpose. Innovation is not something you should do just because people have not done it before. Innovation is something you should do with a purpose. Often that purpose is to solve a problem. However, innovation can sometimes be disruptive. You need to understand the complexities in the real world so innovation can be implemented.


In summary: You should take time, have patience and be deeply rooted in your industry in order to understand industry problems, know how things are being done today and what might be some of the opportunities to innovate. In order for a group of people in business to be innovative, it is necessary to have a culture that fosters diversity and work to its advantage. This is W2W’s culture and strength.