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Author: David Wang Publication Date: November 11, 2016

How much you can save the space by building your equipment so that it will be able generate that same amount of traffic or more. It is crucial that the technology continues to support better efficiency, better through put with higher data rate but also higher density in terms of on how best to utilize that rack unit space.


Space is always a premium and customers either are counting the dollars per racking space or per data center. It is also a concern for equipment and technology to be able to create a better return financially in terms of how much space this certain piece of equipment will require. Density has always been a priority and is our advantage with Wave2Wave products. We have some products that are the highest density in its category.


At a certain point, a revolution in technology will take over. This will change how the computing power and the switching power is being done on a much more integrated semi-conductor and optical connectivity process. These are the technologies that are about to happen, that are already happening and will revolutionize our industry.