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Creativity at Wave2Wave

Author: David Wang   Publication Date: September 23, 2016

Creativity may be a little bit more about communication through intuition. It comes down to how you can better communicate through intuition, maybe a shape or a color. The product design and engineering environment that we have is the creativity force that has been applied to enhance our communication through intuition.


Fundamentally, we are a technology company building products and features to achieve certain functions. To provide functionality in our opinion is not enough. We need to build products and features to involve people’s emotion, to connect with the energies and the efforts you put into your products. To connect to people who are going to be using the product in their applications.


It is important to illustrate certain functionalities in such a way that is easy to understand, intuitively without reading a manual. You can describe a function in 20 pages and people won’t read them or you can describe a function in a simple little art work. People not only immediately understand, but they immediately like it.


The fundamental source of a company’s marketing capabilities come from its product designs. At Wave2Wave we put a lot of effort into specific logos, specific names, specific features of different parts of the product, a lot of the subtleties and granularities provide a source that you can communicate and market. So when you design a great product, you will naturally have a great marketing outcome.


Our EVO product logo for example, has four circles that intersect with 10, 40, 100, 120 inside each circle. The four circles represent an evolutional data speed. In today’s networking, data speed goes higher and faster and that faster speed is represented through a graphical creation that we put into the logo, the interaction of the circles. The evolution of technology is at an accelerated pace and we need to have a product to support that accelerated pace. This makes the creative communication come across sometimes subtlety, sometimes sub-consciously and makes things simpler and easier to understand


So any creative process should start with a purpose and achieve that purpose in the end. You should have a lot of granularities and subtleties that will take that creativity to completion. Creativity is communication through intuition.