Evolving to the Next Generation Internet

Today’s Internet is built with 7 layers in the TCP/IP stack, meaning you mail a letter with 7 envelops, plus your mailbox is just the street curb – you send your info to the ocean called Internet, and hope it will get to the destinations – which is called best effort. We don’t have much control of privacy and security.


A dynamic physical optical connectivity is the future to solve many of the problems, and to keep us connected in life and business, wherever we are, as we need, when we need. That’s what we are about to do through our technology with many customers, the data center operators, telco providers, edge computing players, and many more.

Silicon photonics is making a network equipment in a box to a semi-conductor chip.

And a chip has a hundred fiber connections.

The need for compute and for data storage and transfer is exponential with AI and machine learning,
IoT, genome sequencing and space exploration.

Data center in a million square feet is not sustainable. Technology must revolutionize the way we build our digital infrastructures.

Fiber connectivity should be part of a building, like a piece of ceiling or floor, and it’s dynamic.

Data center can be 100 smaller and has 100 times the performance.