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Complimentary Engineering Service

Author: David Wang   Publication Date: September 23, 2016

Complimentary means free. Wave2Wave is a products and solution company. We do not sell engineering services. It is a critical element at Wave2Wave that we understand what the customer’s application, problems and requirements are and that we build a product to solve that problem. That’s where the complimentary engineering service comes into play.


Lots of companies either build products or provide engineering services base on other people’s products. The issue is that they are building a product without knowing what the problem is and when they are building products there are key enabling elements that will not individually work to solve a problem. So, at Wave2Wave we build a good product but we also offer a consolidated engineering service on top, because we know the product better than anybody else. You should know your product better than your customer, that’s the Wave2Wave attitude. We know our industry and we listen to our customer but we know our products better than our customer does.


When we build a product, we put a lot of our experience and lots of the problems we have solved in the past, into to the product design. We consider the positioning of the product, why we are building the product, what is the product going to do, how will the prod interact with the other products, like our Wave2Wave products or our customers Cisco products and how our product will fit into the application. That has always been our effort. The complimentary engineering service comes into play every single time we are listening to a customer and engaging with a specific requirement and application.


It is part of our sales process. To bring efficiencies in space; efficiencies in cost, the best performance; the best scalability, the best life cycle of ownership over time. The migration of what customer has today by utilizing our thought process to help the customer to continue to evolve their data centers and networks with the investment they have with us over time. So it’s a value added service that we take as our responsibility, that’s what we sell. That’s why the complimentary engineering service is an integral part of this process. The service portion is a complimentary element but it is a necessity and a crucial element that we bring our value to the customer. The single key element that keeps us apart from the rest of the industry is that we are not just a products catalog company. We are not even a solution company, we are a tailored solution with our expertise and complimentary engineering services provided to each customer every day, that’s what we do.