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Product Design at Wave2Wave: Color – Part 1

Author: David Wang   Publication Date: June, 2016

Wave2Wave is excited to announce that we are now a member of the Consortium of On-Board Optics (COBO).


COBO is a member-driven standards-setting organization developing specifications for interchangeable and interoperable optical modules that can be mounted onto printed circuit boards.


We joined this influential industry organization because we value standardization for the benefit of our customers. Standards help to accelerate innovation. They make adopting new networking technology easier and less expensive. They also encourage greater competition among companies in the marketplace. Customers are able to select the products that best meet their needs, rather than choosing based solely on the companies they’ve purchased from previously. Interoperability through standardization is a networking game changer.


We’re looking forward to collaborating with the members of COBO to play a vital role in the development of standards for on-board optics.