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Wave2Wave’s Mission is to Revolutionize Network Connectivity

Wave2Wave was founded in 2003 in a Silicon Valley garage with the focus on data center cabling. Being the fundamental physical form of connectivity, cables are often overlooked until they become a problem.



Wave2Wave has quickly established a reputation of superior customer service of problem solving, fast delivery and tailored solutions cost effectively. Down to the basics is what’s followed within the company culture, listening to customers, do what you say, say what you can deliver and deliver every single time. With many world class technology companies as key customers, Wave2Wave's team follows many "hockey pucks” to help drive where the world of technology is going and providing solutions along the way.



Wave2Wave also truly realized that innovation is overdue in the network connectivity space. In 2014, Wave2Wave made a successful acquisition of FiberZone Networks of Israel and extended static cabling connectivity to robotic automation.



ROME® as a 2nd generation robotic optical switch platform was announced in February 2016, and ROME® 500 has been shipped worldwide to mission critical data centers and technology labs for connectivity automation. With patented technologies and more than a decade of experience, Wave2Wave has excelled to the industry’s leader to drive and enable a new generation of Internet.