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ROME: From 23″ to 19″

Author: David Wang   Publication Date: August 2, 2016

When developing the second generation of ROME, for quite some time, we were considering what to do.


Previously, there was a 23-inch telco footprint product. We wanted to build a 19-inch data center footprint product, which meant we would lose four inches of very effective space. Meanwhile, we also wanted to maintain relatively the same height of the product, so the form factor was constrained. And while the original product previously offered 360 fiber connections, we wanted to build at least 30 percent more. We also wanted to make the product more cost effective and improve performance.


We had a goal, and we put all of our efforts into experimenting. For the first eight to nine months, we thought outside of the box about how we could manage the space efficiency, the robotic motors and movements, and the fiber connections that had to be maintained during those robotic movements.


Many of the pieces came together, and we realized we actually had a solution and a plan to build upon. In the end, we were able to build ROME with a 10RU 19-inch chassis and 50 percent more fiber connections, exceeding our goal.